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About Northec

At Northec Construction, we build on opportunities!

Created in 2014, Northec is based in Timmins, Ontario and specializes in the execution of medium to large-scale projects in the Infrastructure, Energy, and Mining sectors for both private and public clients.  We are a growing construction company that is recognized for the quality of our work and our ability to deliver even the most challenging projects on time and on budget. 

At Northec, our people are the key in achieving our vision and ultimate goal: to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and to continue to deliver a diversified service offering. Our people are the ones making it all possible because they are skilled, committed, and motivated. And we also know we can rely on our administrative staff because they offer a highly efficient support to worksites and project management teams.

Northec shares the same key values as EBC Inc., our parent company, which are:

“Respect, Expertise, Security, Teamwork, Integrity and Success”

These key values guide our employees and are reflected in our work. Our clients appreciate our rigorous work methods, employee expertise and safe work practices that we apply on every job, big or small.

Northec achieved great success with projects such as the dam raising for Richmont Mine (Dubreuilville, Ontario), the Chaudière Hydro Redevelopment Project (Ottawa, Ontario), the Ivanhoe Lake Dam refurbishment (Foleyet, Ontario), as well as several municipal infrastructure projects for the City of Timmins. 

With its depth of experience and expertise, combined with our extensive heavy equipment fleet, Northec has the winning combination that makes our company a competitive force in the industry.